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This is a virtual pet game featuring the cat Talking Tom

This is a virtual pet game featuring the cat Talking Tom

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Program license: Free

Program by: Outfit7


Works under: Android

Also available for Windows


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Take care of a spunky cat who has a mind of his own at times.

Tom is a cat who grows from a baby to an adult. You are responsible for his car, such as feeding him and making sure he goes to bed when he's sleepy. There are notifications given when he's hungry, when he needs to go to the bathroom and when he's ready to play. The menus are easy to follow, but the game does lag, so there are moments when you click on something you want to do and have to wait several seconds for the screen to load. You can change the name of the cat to something besides Tom.

When the game begins, you can choose his fur, his eye color and the basic details of his house. As the game progresses, you earn coins that can be used to buy everything from food to different types of decorations for each room. Some of the things that you can use or wear are given to you as you make it to higher levels. With certain levels, Tom celebrates a birthday and reaches another stage of life, such as a toddler or a teenager. You have to feed the cat and make sure he has something to drink. You also have to bathe him. When you talk, Tom repeats what you say. While playing with Tom, if you scratch him too hard or hit him, then he shakes his finger at you.


  • Fun decorations
  • Provide the care of a cat


  • Lags at times
  • Notifications always come through it seems as he always needs something

Talking Tom is a little animated cat that will say everything that you say. Talking Tom is one of those applications that you download if you are extremely bored, or if you want to blow a child's mind. It's an interactive game that allows you to pet, feed and talk to a cat named Tom. Tom responds to your words and actions favorably. If you sing to him or talk to him, he will do the same back to you. If you happen to change you pitch, Tom will too. Many people love this program and rate it highly. Try it now.